Aysel Basmacı Kaya

She graduated from Kocaeli University Social Work Department in 2016 with a 2nd degree. She worked with refugees and asylum seekers in European Union and UNICEF projects between 2016-2020. Between 2018-2020, she completed her master’s degree in Üsküdar University Institute of Health Sciences, in the field of Social Work, by writing her thesis “Examination of Social Services Provided to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Turkey”. In 2022, she won the Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University Graduate Education Institute Social Work Doctorate Program and she is still continuing. Her areas of expertise include refugees and asylum seekers, child protection, elderly and addiction.

Mina Dashtbali

Mina has master’s degree in Sociology from University of Tehran. She focuses on trauma and neglect and works with children and adolescents who are traumatized and is also interested in maltreatment and social policies in the level of the neighborhood for children and adolescents security.

She worked with the Unicef organization for two and half years as a social worker and NGOs in many cities in Iran, specifically on two national projects for at-risk children and adolescent trauma prevention.

Mina has been engaged in an internship program at Ryerson University, Canada, for the last three years thru a project in a shelter in Tehran focusing on children with traumatic experiences such as rape, sexual assault, neglect, and other complex trauma and also child protection policies of traumatized children.

She has collaborated with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Housing in Iran in Crisis Circumstances such as large-scale floods in the southern part of Iran.