Aysel Basmacı Kaya

She graduated from Kocaeli University Social Work Department in 2016 with a 2nd degree. She worked with refugees and asylum seekers in European Union and UNICEF projects between 2016-2020. Between 2018-2020, she completed her master’s degree in Üsküdar University Institute of Health Sciences, in the field of Social Work, by writing her thesis “Examination of Social Services Provided to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Turkey”. In 2022, she won the Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University Graduate Education Institute Social Work Doctorate Program and she is still continuing. Her areas of expertise include refugees and asylum seekers, child protection, elderly and addiction.

Yingying Zeng

Yingying Zeng is a Ph.D. candidate in social work at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis and a research associate at the Center of Social Development. Her research centers on economic integration and financial well-being of immigrant and refugee populations in the United States. Specifically, she is looking at structural barriers immigrants and refugees face in achieving financial success in host countries and how being financially vulnerable affects their well-being and development. As a social work researcher, Yingying believes that effective applied social research aims for impact. She is passionate about designing evidence-based social programs and interventions to facilitate immigrants’ transition, adaptation, and integration. Yingying earned her Master of Social Work degree from Fudan University in China in 2015 and the Master of Social Policy degree from the Brown School in 2016. Prior to her Ph.D. study, Yingying had worked with the refugee Individual Development Program at the International Institute of St. Louis and had served as a social service provider for older immigrants in St. Louis.

Orhan Koçak

Orhan Kocak received his Ph.D. from the Social Policy program of Istanbul University. After working in different public and private universities, he has been working as a Full Professor in the Department of Social Work at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa for the last five years. He works on aging, migration, and technology addiction. Kocak has publications in international high-impact factor journals and works as an editor and reviewer in international journals.