Spiritual Social Work

Traditionally, the concept of closeness with God has been understood as a religious framework. However, belief in God is sometimes understood outside the boundaries of religion. In both approaches, belief in God is a fundamental principle that forces or influences the individual to do something. In this sense, spirituality in human life is based on this principle which plays a central role in the individual’s life.  The God of the individual adds meaning and purpose to all life and the lifestyle of the individual. The meaning and purpose of life, which is revealed by the individual’s belief in God and spirituality, can affect relations with other people (Dyson et al. 1997). Spirituality is a personal experience of the divine, whether understood conventionally as God or a higher authority or more secularly as unity with the larger cosmos (Gall et al. 2011). Therefore, faith in God has an important place in spirituality. The belief that there is a creator and that that creator maintains order in the universe is vital in spirituality (Hardt et al. 2012).

Spiritual Social Work Director

Orhan Çevik

Orhan completed his BA in Social Work at Atatürk University in 2017. He began working as research assistant in Social Work department at İstanbul Gelişim University, and studying MA in Social Work at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa at the same time. After his experience at the university, he began working as volunteer social worker in some foundations supporting education and spirituality of children and adolescents. In 2021, he completed his MA with emphasis on digital game addiction in children. Orhan is a Ph.D. candidate in Social Work at the Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa now. Orhan’s research interests include Child, Youth and Family Welfare, Social Work Education, School Counselling and Spirituality.