Rajendra Baikady

Rajendra Baikady, PhD holds a dual appointment as a URC Special Post-Doctoral Fellow and as a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Social Work and Community Development, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition to this, Baikady is a Principal Investigator (Summer Research Fellowship) at International Socioeconomics Laboratory, Harvard University, United States. He completed his first Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (2019-2020) and was awarded the Golda Meir Fellowship by Lady Davis Trust at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was also a recipient of Taiwan Government’s Short Term Research Award (2018) for academic research at the National Chengchi University, Taiwan and the Confucius Institute Understanding China Fellowship by the Government of China (2018-2019) for academic research at Shandong University, China. He has wide research experience in evaluating best practices of social work education and practice within both local and global contexts. His recent books include The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Work Education (Palgrave Macmillan), Social Welfare Policies and Programmes in South Asia (Routledge), Building Sustainable Communities- Civil Society Response in South Asia (Palgrave Macmillan) and Social Welfare in India and China: A Comparison (Palgrave Macmillan), The Routledge Handbook of Field Work Education in Social Work (Routledge) and The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Field Education in the Global South (Routledge) and The Routledge International Handbook of Poverty in the Global South (Routledge). Forthcoming books by Baikady include The Oxford Handbook of Power, Politics and Social Work (Oxford University Press), and The Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Teaching (Routledge). Baikady’s research interests are in international social work, social change, social problems, social welfare, social justice, human rights, critical social work, social policy and globalization, among others. Ongoing major Publishing projects by Baikady include: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Problems – by Palgrave Macmillan, UK (Editor-in-Chief), The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change – by Palgrave Macmillan, UK (Editor-in-Chief) and Mapping Global Inequality (MRW Series, Editor in Chief). He is also the founding editor of the book series – Springer Series in international Social Work, SpringerBriefs in International Social Work, Springer Series in Social Work and Social Change, and SpringerBriefs in Social Work and Social Change (all four by published by Springer, USA) and Routledge Studies in Social Work and Society book series by Routledge, New York. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London. UK.

Elif Çevik

Elif completed her BA in Sociology at Istanbul University in 2018. After that, she started her master’s degree in Social Policy and Social Work at Istanbul University. Currently, she is writing her thesis on the subject of old age. Elif’s research interests include Elderly People, Social Theory, Critical Theory, and Social Policy.

Umut Solmaz

Umut, completed his BA at Sakarya University. He completed MA in Social Work with an emphasis on industrial social work at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. After that, he began working at Aileden Biri Huzurevi. And after he began working at Istanbul Gelişim University. And after his experience in the university, he began working at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University at the Department Social Work and Counseling as a lecturer. In 2019, Umut, was admitted into Social Work Ph.D. program at the Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. At Istanbul University, he works ındustrial social work, social work at factory. Umut’s research interests include Industrial Social Work, Social Work at Factory, Labor Issues, Work Life Problems.


Türkan completed her BA in Social Work at Hacettepe University. After that, she began working at Uşak University for students who need psychosocial support as a social worker. While working at the university, she established the Uşak University Disability Services which helps disabled students accommodate themselves to campus life and closely monitor themselves and academic improvement. After her experience in youth welfare, she began working at İstanbul Medipol University at the program of Social Services as a lecturer. In 2020, Türkan was admitted into the Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Social Work Ph.D. She works on various social work issues, especially on technology addiction.

Emine İlme

Emine graduated from Istanbul University’s social work department as the first degree of faculty in 2019. She has continued her education in the master’s social work program at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa. She is working as a social worker in a non-governmental organization which studying addiction for about 2 years in Turkey. Her main field of study which is about drug, alcohol, and internet addiciton. In addition, clinical social work practices, women’s welfare and social policy are other areas of interest. In August 2021, rhe article “Mediating Role of Satisfaction with Life in the Effect of Self-Esteem and Education on Social Media Addiction in Turkey” was published in the journal Sustainability. The, the article “Substance-Related Dreams” among Substance Users: A Qualitative Evaluation was published in the OPUS Journal of Society Research in september 2021.

Orhan Koçak

Orhan Kocak received his Ph.D. from the Social Policy program of Istanbul University. After working in different public and private universities, he has been working as a Full Professor in the Department of Social Work at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa for the last five years. He works on aging, migration, and technology addiction. Kocak has publications in international high-impact factor journals and works as an editor and reviewer in international journals.